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Peter Wever was born in the year 1950 in Herscheid, Germany. He has been dedicated to art since he was twenty years old. After studying graphic design at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, he went to live in Ireland, the USA and Guatemala. He has been a freelance since 1983. Wever is known for his color etchings, in which he deals with the human and interpersonal. The contact, the togetherness, the rapprochement of two individuals, their communication are his inspiration. Small gestures and glances with great expressiveness are sensitively captured and artistically processed. His artworks are warm and often a bit humorous. Couples hugging each other represent the most important motive.

Peter Wever, 2 Räder im Sand
Peter Wever, Löffelchen
Peter Wever, Hängematte im Laub
Peter Wever, Tischgespräch rot
Peter Wever, Badewanne diagonal
Peter Wever, Umarmung Hug “2“
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