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The diversity of pictorial expression in the paintings of Lezzueck A. Coosemans is determined by an ethically responsible attitude with which he describes the relationship between man and nature. He does not tell stories, but presents a web of causal structures that questions the cause and effect of human actions. His images are not determined by negative media chatter, but rather the beauty of our planet is presented to us in a very forceful way, so that we can recognize what we have to lose. Based on his South American origin, he transports his artistic statements with the old traditional medium of painting in an independent handwriting. By studying old painting techniques, he is able to convey color intensity and color effect so skillfully that the viewer is drawn into the spell of the images without knowing exactly what manifests this impression. The statuesque nature of the figures, their direct gaze, their role-playing, their posture, their expression, make it clear that there is no escape for anyone from the cycle of nature and its laws.


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